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Since 01.01.2020, the German "Kassensicherungsverordnung" (Cash Register Security Regulation) - a new piece of legislation - has been in force that affects your cash registers. Accordingly, every cash register system must meet the following requirements:

  • Equipment with a technical security System (German: TSE).
  • Digital interface of the tax administration for cash register systems
  • Registration of the cash register systems at the responsible tax office
  • Correct and complete recording of all legally recordable business transactions at the cash register system
  • Preparation of correct vouchers and handover to the customer. ( unless an exemption from this obligation has been granted).

The so-called non-objection period ended on Sept. 30, 2020.

Fiscalization serves the purpose of recording all transactions of a cash register without gaps and archiving this data in a tamper-proof manner.

What is a TSE

TSE is a German abbreviation for "technical safety device" (Technische Sicherheits Einrichtung) . The TSE consists of three parts. It is a uniform interface, a memory and a security component. The TSE receives the POS data and ensures its protection.

Protection against subsequent manipulation and deletion is the essential task of the TSE.

With our help you make your POS system legally compliant

Cash register manufacturer

Are you a cash register manufacturer or retailer?

Use the possibilities of fiscalog. Your customers can generate the cash register data directly with our system and archive it accordingly - locally and in the cloud.



Do you have cash transactions in your business?

In principle, a company must process all cash business transactions via a cash register and record them in a cash book. With fiscalog you are on the safe side with your cash management.


We offer fiscalization solutions that meet all legal requirements for proper cash management.

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We offer absolute certainty in the event of an audit thanks to our GoBD-compliant applications.