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Make a TSS sign a receipt - live!

fiscalog offers easy use of Technical Safety Systems (TSS) through its RESTful interface.

Check routines ensure data for DSFinV-K compliant exports, and our optional cloud-storage offers safe and easy archiving and reporting.

Our live demo reveals a first glimpse on typical receipt and function calls. We provide a detailed manual on our API next to a user guide for fiscalisation – and of course personal consultation.

Registered partners use our Cloud-API service with personal TSS for testing and development on noncommittal basis. POS developers benefit from precise API messages to reach successful signatures at once.

Process messages
Service ready.
Open/finished processes
Vorgangs-IDBeginnletzter AufrufVorgangsartStatus
No processes yet
TSS status and data
TSS ready.
Fiscalog Demo
Musteranschrift Strasse
12345 Muster-Stadt
Summe-- €
Gegeben -- €
TSE Signatur ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
TSE Transaktions-/Signatur-Nr.---/---
TSE Start-------------------------------
TSE Ende-------------------------------
TSE Status---------
TSE Algorithmus -------------------
TSE Seriennr. -------------------------------------
TSE Zertifikatsnr. ------------------------------------------------------------------
TSE Public Key -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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